Needing Windows 8.1 Drivers for D2-1015W Tablet

Had upgraded my tablet from 8.1 Windows to Windows 10 and seem to be working fine till periodic update for 10 version total wiped out the working drivers. I was unable to roll back because the upgrade/update from my previous had been longer than Windows update window. So I went to roll back to 8.1 which failed. I had to do clean install of 8.1 which after all updates still has no drivers for Cameras or WiFi.

Can anyone help in this as I have sent request to Support and have heard nothing.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Tim. I'm afraid I'm the bearer of sad tidings. The repair shop that Digital had online, has been shut down. I believe this same problem as yours (and mine) overwhelmed them. I have a tablet with a working windows 10, and hate it. The tablet is extremely unstable, and does things on its own accord. I mistakenly l

upgraded, but in the process, deleted the 8..1 recovery. I called the number at 888 863-0138, and have been in contact via emails, but after a year of waiting for relief, I've given up.

They are no longer interested in maintaining their 10" tablet.

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Digital2 Windows tablet OEM Driver Pack Installation Instructions

(For models D2-1014W and D2-1015W)

1. Download the “Windows 10 OEM Driver Pack” from the link below and save it

onto your tablet’s Desktop:

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