Where are all the safety switches on Craftsman lawn tractor?

After reading forum answers on why the mower dies when blades are engaged or brake is let off I need to check safety switches but I don't know where they are on this mower. Under the seat yes but where are the others? Craftsman 18.5 42" 917.273642 lawn tractor THANK YOU IN ADVANCE :)

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Only one I know of is under the seat. Mabey on where u put your feet on platform.


If it has electric pto..the switch acts as one and if its manual lift theres. Prob. One there


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kmehums check the manual 917273642.pdf and parts list page 33 and more. There seems to only be the seat switch, PTO switch and ignition switch as well as the switch interlock. There should be one more on the clutch/brake . Checking the schematic it looks like even if the other switches were bad, they still go through the seat switch. So anything that that grounds the M terminal of the key switch kills spark. Follow the wires to determine position and make sure that is okay as well.

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