Nintendo Wii has power but won't turn on

I Purchased a Wii off ebay and the person said that power went out during a lightning storm and after that it would not come back on. He replaced the Bluetooth board thinking that was the issue but still nothing. When you plug it in the red light comes on but when you push the power button nothing happens; the light stays red and does not turn blue or any other color. I've already disconnected everything from the console, left unplugged for a few days then tried again. Nothing I've found online helps, not even a reset. I've checked the battery with my multi-meter and it's fine, and I know the power adapter is good (I have a working Wii to compare it to). I've opened the console up but nothing looks bad and there are no burn marks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Also when you hold down either the Power or Eject buttons you hear a clicking noise, and when the console is apart, you can see the red light turn green for just an instant each time it clicks, then it turns red again.

EDIT2: Just took the Bluetooth module out of both consoles and the good one still powers on but the bad one does not. So it's not a Bluetooth issue.

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