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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Accord coupe, sedan, and wagon.

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I have to mess with the gear shifter while starting it? Why

I couldn't start my car, after putting it on a battery charger it started. It didn't work with regular jumper cables and vehicle. So I bought a new battery, still didn't start, I mess with the gear $@$* pushing it forward ( it is an automatic ) and holding it their while I try starting it, and it works. But why, why is it doing it how can I fix it and what caused it?

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Will the car start in neutral? If it does then @oldturkey03 is probably right but you may also want to check the shift lock as this can also cause problems when starting

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@marshajo13 when you say pushing it forward, do you mean further into the "P" position? It does sound like a bad or misaligned neutral switch, You'll have to check it out. The switch is located in the central console. It is number 2 in the drawing.

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