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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Need to get to the front panel whirlpool washing machine wwdc 8420

Hi all

The button on the front panel of my whirpool wwdc 8420 has come off so I cant press start/stop

Can anyone tell me how to get to the front panel from inside please?

Many thanks

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Perhaps you might start by removing the top panel; usually it will pop off the top and is clipped in. Under that, it should become more evident how to proceed further. perhaps take a picture for us once you get there?

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start up swicth is blinking after set to operation


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Ensure machine is isolated. Take the top-off, which is held in by 2 philips screws at the back. Then depending on the model there may be a bracket support plate at the front which needs to be removed, either way the front display/control panel is held in place by 2 screws on the top of the machine and either 2 or 3 screws through the front of the soap dispoenser housing. The timer/display module is generally held in place with plastic clip-mouldings. The buttons are located behind the circuit board…generally.

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