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Repair guides and support for C/K pickup trucks sold by General Motors under the GMC brand, including the GMC Sierra.

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Is the brake light switch on my 1996 chevy pickup adjustable?

I have no brake lights, but I have tail lights and turn signals. My wife was following me when I stepped on my brakes for a turning car the brake lights worked then stayed on for a while. my wife thought I was riding my brake pedal ( I was not), then the lights went off and never worked again.

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Our lights won't go off. We've checked the trailer hitch, and it's fine. We're out of ideas.


I put a new brake switch in my 96 GMC truck and the brake lights won't go off, does anybody have any ideas? Don't think the switch is adjustable. Please help!


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Some switches are adjustable, some not. Either way it will either be attached to the brake pedal arm up near the pivot point, or on a sheet metal mount in that same area. It's probably a bad switch, but it's possible it has just come loose. you are looking (depending on the year) for a round plastic part with two ( or more) wires coming out. The wiring will disconnect from the switch.

If you want to test it, Disconnect the wires and short the two wires with a paper clip or something (don't let the paper clip touch any other metal). The brake lights should come on. Only do this with two wire switches. You will have to find a schematic to test multi wire switches.

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