I reflowed my phat PS3, it works, but fan is really loud.

So, I actually just fixed my YLODed PS3 60GB by unassembling and reapplying thermal paste to the outside of the GPU+CPU. I didn't lift up the metal guards on the CPU like I wanted to just did the heat gun above them. Even with all that, the fan kicks in really early in starting the console up and I'm wondering if i should even try to use the thing.

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Sounds like a thermal issue. How much thermal paste did you put on? If im correct it can be the thermal sensor being busted.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


I put a thin layer on top of the GPU and CPU only. Didn't put extra on the other side of the heatsink. You think I should try it one more time and put more thermal paste on?


Let me get this right. When you say you didn't lift up the metal Guards. does that mean you didn't remove the medal cooling fins off of the CPU like are on the CPU of a computer? Because if you didn't then you work was a waste because you have to remove the cooling fins/Heat Dissipating Medal Block off the CPU to remove the old thermal paste in-between the CPU and the Heat Sink which is what is removing the heat from the CPU. You are supposed to remove the Heat Sink and clean off the old thermal paste and put new thermal paste and then replace the Heat Sink. You should also do it to the GPU also. Just replacing thermal paste on the sides of the CPU and GPU isn't what is supposed to happen and it really doesn't do anything.


@Brian Reeder Sorry, just saw this. I meant way back then that I had applied thermal paste to the CPU, but i didn't do it to the GPU. lesson learned on that fix. I didn't have a heat gun at the time and only a hair dryer, so couldn't do what i wanted to do.


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