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Released in 2002, Model Number PCG-981L CPU: Intel Pentium III 850Mhz DVD-ROM 15" SXGA(1400x1050)screen It included windows ME from the factory(xp was optional)

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Screen display very small and there are very few colors?

Running Windows 2000,

Display shows a very small window with limited colors (I forget how many...12?


Also...how to get Start menu back at the bottom.

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It sounds like you may be having a problem with your display driver or display settings. The settings are much easier to straighten out so we'll start with that. Right click on your desktop and choose "Properties" click on the "Settings" tab (far right on top). Hit the "Colors" dropdown and choose "High Color [16 bit]". Now drag the "Screen Area" slider to the "More" side. Your display size may have been so far on the "Less" that the start bar was right off the screen.

Now if you can't choose more colors in the drop down or increase the resolution via the slider, you may have the driver problem I mentioned earlier. Try starting the computer in safe mode . This should get you to 640x480 (if I remember right) and you'll have your start bar. From there you can troubleshoot your driver issue. A new / updated one appears to be available from Sony here but don't take my word as gospel, make sure you're not looking at the wrong one before installing it.

Good luck!

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Thanks, Zug. I finally fixed it...(and I appreciate your link to "safe mode"...I didn't know how to do that.)

I dl'ed two video drivers from the Sony web site...installed the older one first (nothing happened) ...then the newer larger one and it worked!

...though after I got the large screen back, a weirdo thing happened....I got a message saying that the new configuration would make my screen flicker for a second and then I would get my original settings back...so it did and then the 4" X 6" screen returned with a dialogue box asking if I wanted to keep it like that (OK or Cancel)

I hit cancel and the large screen returned again. Now I'm a little afraid of shutting down (the computer is sleeping)...that the small screen will return. I guess I should go look at the "display" settings

(wouldn't 'monitor' be a more precise word?) and see if LCD has appeared there...instead of the VGA and 16 colors being the only choice like it was before.

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