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I have jag s type won't reverse

i have jaguar s type v6 3.0 won't reverse in gear foward or backword nothing can I change transmission ATF or what can I do maybe gear oil fluid need change ?

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@mak81 I am old and easily confused. You say your Jag is "won't reverse in gear foward or backword" So does that mean it is not moving in any direction? What year is your Jag?


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Here's the support page for your reverse problem:


And a unconventional fix:

here`s my solution to the no reverse problem,if your able to get the use of a ramp your problem will be gone in one hour,remove n/s/f wheel and the plug you thought was the level / filler now this might sound a bit unethical but it works ,i`ve just fixed my own x type auto,after making the same mistake,drill a small hole in the casing just above the plug hole avoid putting any swarf getting inside ,use a small electrical screwdriver through the plug hole and work the bit inside the box upward until you see the gap that the plug locates into,it has only dropped down about an inch or so when you have it where you want it then use a piece of welding rod through the hole you have drilled to hold the locator in place then fit the locator plug back in to the casing having done as instructed you have rectified your no reverse problem,you only need to plug the small hole in the casing whichever way you want, job done...no need to remove transmission or dismantle servo or anything, happy days

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Hello, my name is Robert from San Jose CA. I just wanted to say thank you very much your idea works fine. Ya hoo I have reverse now. You are truly a good home machanic!!!!! Robert Anderson California.


Robert, great glad to know I could help ;-)


I just change my transmission with dexron 111 after working for sometimes the reverse didn't work again but all others working fine. Please what is the solution


You idea works perfectly. I did what you said and now I have reverse again.

I have a 2005 jaguar x type 3.0 awd. You are awesome.

Thanks, Robert p.s and it did take about 1hr or so.


I don’t understand what you are actually doing. I must be a dolt since two other people have fixed their transmission problem with this fix.

I know where the fill hole is. What does N/S/F mean? And what is an electrical screw driver? Are you meaning a long skinny screw driver or one run by an electric motor? Where exactly are you drilling the hole?


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So I'm not the greatest mechanic but I am having this same prob. Just not sure where to drill and what bolt you are talking about to take out.

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I have a 2000/xk8 same problem I don't understand where you drill the hole and insert the welding rod, could you draw a picture, for us slow people, many thanks


I'm with him, where do I drill the hole.??


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