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A helpful collection of toaster repair and disassembly guides.

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nichrome wire selection for toaster repair

I have a vintage toaster that has been limping along for half a century or more, with sentimental value. I have already twisted together bits of nichrome in several places where it was broken and am thinking it's time to replace it all. I'm looking at ordering nichrome wire for this purpose and haven't figured out the specs on the wire to order. Suggestions?

This page is helpful, though a bit confusing:



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While I was trying to find your wire, I found this really excellent guide on repairing it:


There's also no flies on the iFixit guide here:

Toaster Troubleshooting

It gives the wire and links to it in the Break in the nichrome wire section.

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Thanks for the comment; I am aware of both these links. My question is how to specify the nichrome wire, to buy for replacing all of the old, easily broken wire in the old toaster. This wire comes in a wide range of thicknesses and resistance per foot, as seen in the link I gave in my original post. I guess I should just choose a wire spec for the required length (maybe 200 inches?) that results in a wattage comparable to a commercial toaster.


Well I don't have the toaster in front of me to measure it. If it was, I'd put a digital caliper on it and measure it. Digital Caliper


Measure resistance / foot of what u have rap string around innards 4 feet, look at Rbay


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