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A laser printer series by HP for home and office use. These printers often have problems with the formatter board.

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HP LaserJet P2015 no longer prints over the network

HP LaserJet P2015 no longer prints over the network but does work when using a USB cable.

I have put the HP LaserJet P2015 on a different network, managed to install it on a PC and Mac but it still won't print. Any ideas ?

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…both of my P2015 have gone completely insane. They stopped working like a printer at all. Random error light codes; changing error codes as time passes, etc.... I baked one of the printer’s system boards in a pre-heated oven at 400 for 7 minutes. It works perfectly now. The other was squeeling at times too, can’t wait to try it again tomorrow…

PS By system board I mean the little circuit board with 5 or so connectors/cables on the left side of the printer, remove the left plastic panel and you will see it…

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Do you get an error code?

or an error code on the printer?

Did you tried to ping to the IP of the printer? if you don't know how to do this :

open CMD ( windows button + r button, you get a run box : type CMD)

type : ping +IP adress. if you get no loss than its no bad connection.

did you tried another UTP cable?

could be a bad ethernet connection on the board due to dust or ..

Kind regards,


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Hi Kevin,

Thank you for replying.

I had already replaced the the UTP etc, so I left it switched off and unplugged for 24 Hrs. I then gave it a blast with compressed air and it is now working again.

Kind regards



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Print out a status report locally from the printer and see what IP-settings you have. Is the IP address obtained automatically by DHCP then you should be able to configure the PC to find the printer and print to that IP-address.

There may also be that the printer IP address is manually configured, which sometimes are common for printers in IP networks in order to keep the IP address. Then you can enable automatic IP address (DHCP) and see that it works.

A better method than using fixed IP-addresses (to avoid IP conflicts) is to add the printers unique MAC-address to the DHCP table in the router which will give the printer the same IP address whenever restarted.

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(1) First try replacing your Ethernet cable.

(2) The Ethernet jack on the printer is not sturdy and may have been damaged by a cable pulling on it. You may be able to re-solder it.

(3) You could also make the printer available on your network by either a computer or a print-server.

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