Anyone having a Nikon MD-12 Repair Manual, Wiring Diagram or Picture?

I have an old analog Nikon camera with a MD-12 Motor Drive in which three electrical wires have released from their soldering.

I wonder if you could please help me with a pdf repair manual or a picture of the wiring diagram for the circuit board that is connected to the shutter release switch? The wiring diagram is in the repair manual but an ordinary picture of a circuit board with the cables attached is also OK.

Block Image

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@ostlind this is going to be tough since we cannot see which PCB this is and where the wires are coming from or going to. A total view of the board would help, but I can imagine that it will be a PITA to completely remove it. Something like this

Block Image

would help us to help you:-)

Anyhow, this will definitely help you out since it contains everything you need md12sm.pdf Make sure that you create a couple of guides when you repair this. It will come in handy for other people looking for answers like you.

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Thanks @oldturkey03 for the manual, it solved my problem! I already had the motor disassembled so there where no point in making a guide but I'll keep it in mind for upcoming objects!


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