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What do you call the battery that is soldered on the board?

I have opened many devices and many of them have a battery soldered on their boards (some of which are corroded). I assume it's for time/date backup etc.

What's it called and is it available on the market?

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@thechip the answer by @gkoukoul is correct. Sometimes those batteries are also referred to a RTC (Real Time Clock) battery. As for availability that will depend on the device make and model. Most are available frome warehouse electronic supplkiers like Digikey.dom or Mouser.com.

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It's called Cmos battery (or bios battery) and it comes in a lot of different types.

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Yes, but is it available on the market? The only place I could find one is from another board.


I'm not sure if you can find on the market. Maybe ebay.


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