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The Dell Latitude E6410 is a 14" laptop released by Dell.

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Blinking cap locks and won't boot

So being the dummy I am, I spilled some juice onto my laptop. It went though the keyboard and on to the area where my ram is( I know this because there was something sticky in just that part). the power light comes on and so does the fan so I know it's not a power thing. The middle caps lock flashes while the numb and scroll stay solid. I tried replacing the ram but that did nothing. There was also a few times where the dell logo popped up and loaded but then these crazy colored lines appeard on the screen and that was it. Please help!

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The colored line is a bad connection between mainboard to screen ( broken or ripped cable, dirt, ...)

Or a failing GPU.

in case of juice spill , you need to clean the main board immediately with isopropyl alcohol. is it long ago the spill?

try to clean it anyway... but do it propperly , use enough of isopropyl ( you can buy this at a drugstore...)

clean every connection.

This is a good time to clean the fan en colling pads as well. check transistors an capicitators for leak also check the chips on the mainboard. clean the ram would help but i think it will be to late , try with other ram after cleaning.

Most of the time the keyboard is dead to.. replace this as well.

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Do you mean clean the motherboard? This all happened last night.


indeed i mean to open the laptop and clean the components at the motherboard.

if you spill some liquid it will go to the motherboard...


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