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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Battery doesn't last, worse when cold!

Hi guys!

I own an iPhone 6 128GB since 1,5 years.

About 6 months into ownership I started having battery issues, but nothing I couldn't live with.

Now it's become unbearable: The battery doesn't last longer than a few hours (3 to 5) and dies immediately when it's cold outside (I mean cold, not freezing! About 45-50 F!)

I thought about having the phone serviced by Apple, but I still have it on iOS 8.1 and I'd like to keep it that way.

I think Apple would replace the phone (and thus give me one with a new iOS version), or update mine.

Can I solve the issue by replacing the battery, or do you think I'm experiencing a more extensive problem?

Thanks a lot guys!!

Update (08/16/2016)

As promised, I try to keep those who are interested posted.

I had awesome battery life for the first 3-4 days, now it's getting worse and worse.

Today I had the phone shut down on me at 18%.

Weirder yet, the battery temperature sensor is stuck at 24,9 C, no matter what I do and how hot it actually gets.

I guess the old battery was indeed ruined, but there has to be something else that ruined it and is ruining the new one as well. No idea what I'm looking for. Should I try to restore the phone?

I guess I could use Cydia Eraser.

Update (08/03/2016)

I just replaced the battery with a new original Apple one, dated May 2016.

I followed the guide, just did not disconnect the screen assembly. I don't like to play too much with these connectors...

The actual charge level right now is 55%.

I will wait for the phone to get down to 10%, charge it up to 100% to calibrate and report back.

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I forgot to mention I usually look up the battery health with coconut battery.

It's totally unstable! One time it says 75%, then I use it (it dies as usual within 5 hours) and next time it's around 30%. If I keep it connected long enough, the battery health would slowly grow back to 55-75% and it would be the same story all over again.


imagine a battery made out of coconuts

Fun Fact: Potatoes make electricity.


I am also facing this same problem. Thanks for sharing your feedback on this.


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Batteries generally perform better when warm & worse when cold, but I wasn't expecting it to die so suddenly when exposed to cold.

Whilst it's still lasting a few hours, spray some freeze-it spray (available readily from shops like Jaycar), onto a section of the board to try to simulate the cold to see if you get the same effect. Try a different section of the board after it recovers each time to see where the problem lies exactly.

If it was me, I'd replace the battery with a pack I can make from cheap, common batteries, just like they showed us in our country's only Electronics Magazine, Silicon Chip some years ago. I may be able to look up the article, if you wish.

Update (09/03/2016)

Ah! I should have read your initial post more closely...

You've had the phone for 1.5 years & six months after you got it (new or second-hand?), it started giving problems. I guess you've heard about Apple's new laptops which explode when you (or anyone who's not an authorized Apple repair centre), try to change the battery? That's what it has come down to. It's built that way because they want you to buy a new one at least every year! The idea is nothing new. Back in the 1950's it was known as "pre-planned obsolescence". Apple have just taken it to the next level. When I was a technician (17 years experience there - same company!), we used to joke about building a "warranty clock" into each job we did - after 13 months, the same item'd return & we'd always have work to do!

If it were me, I'd boycott the lot of them (I own a dinosaur mobile phone myself! Completely cheaply repairable!). If you talk to only a few contacts, consider buying a UHF radio, which will pay for itself twice over at least in a year. If you're into texting, you can do this for free from ad-supported sites at your local library or from a desktop or laptop.

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Thanks for your answer, Barrie!

I'm pretty sure that if I open up the iPhone, Apple will refuse to service/replace it.

Which would be the way to go if I can't manage to solve the issue!

That's why I need to know if somebody already solved such a problem without having to bring the phone back to Apple.

I wouldn't want to open the phone just to carry out some tests!


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Hello, I have seen what your problem is and you might need to get a new battery...

If you think thats not the problem then look at the wires that are connected to the battery. Then, if there is a space to plug a wire into the battery and a loose wire, try plugging that wire into the battery. I highly recommend you to just replace the battery.


  • If you mess with your wires, I claim no responsibility for your iPhone.

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Thanks KURT, I will procede and replace the battery.

Any chances I can do the job without the Apple employees noticing, if I end up having to bring the phone to the Genius Bar?


All you have to do is get a new battery, open the phone (make sure its completely turned off) unplug the battery and put a new one in. I am sure that will work.

Oh, and why dont ya want the Apple Employees to not know?


Actually, I know why now.

They will refuse to service it. I understand


Uhh what is coconut battery


If it turns out to need a more elaborate solution than a quick battery exchange, I'll need to take it to Apple for replacement or whatever they think it's right.

If they notice I tempered with it, I'm pretty sure I'd get a "sorry, we won't touch it" as an answer!

coconut battery is a mac app, it shows the actual charge, the charging status and, more crucially, the capacity of a battery. It covers the mac it is installed on and one iOS device connected to it.


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