connect display cable inspiron 1525

the display cable is disconnected. How do I reconnect it?

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how do you mean? your sure its just disconnected , is the laptop open?

is it after a fall ? or ... ?

Kind reagrds



Hi Kevin,

I took the laptop apart to reconnect the pointing device and when I booted, the screen didn't come on. Now, I have the laptop connected via vga to an external monitor. I think I can access the led screen and connector (s) through the "power panel" above the keyboard. I searched the internet and couldn't find anything as specific as what i am looking for...thought someone might know the quickest way to access and connect the LED screen without disassembling the whole machine. The machine wasn't dropped, bumped or wet. It worked perfectly before the ribbon for the pointing device became loose. Just trying to save a little time and get this little work horse back on the track.




to take a look on the back connector of the led you have to remove the black plastic or rubber spots away in the corners. below that there are screws, if you remove those screws you ll see the screen. but be carefull case most of the time there will be some adhessive between the plastic frame and screen. there will be some screws on the hinges to that holds the screen to it. check of the back connectoer is still in place.


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