panasonic lcd tv flicker becomes progressively worse

hi all

Im hoping someone can point me in the direction to fixing a flicking issue on my Panasonic TX50A300B LCD TV not sure if it the back-lights, this is a white flicker with quite a few lines i can get to the menu (hard to see but i can navigate) i have reset turned the back light all the way down,it is the same on all av's i am a competent solderer if needed and can replace the back lights but don't want to be buying loads of parts in the hope i find the real issue when im hoping someone here may know exactly what it is.

thankyou for any help

i have uploaded a small vid so any of you can see really the issue

[URL='] [/URL]

again thanks for any advice :)

just adding a couple of photos aswell so you can see from the moment i switch it on it becomes progressively worse

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

i have also checked the boards and ribbon for damage but cannot see any

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