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reducing the screen light cause the dimmed light to pulse


i have a macbook pro unibody 2.53Ghz with both graphic cards (9400 and 9600GT), and i have been experiencing screen pulsation (not flickering), when i reduce the light completely at the end (obviously to save battery life).

using it like this causing me eye strain after 30 min of usage.

Under OSX and windows 7 its the same problem. But even worth on windows 7

What could be the problem ?

Thank you

p.S : i am out of warranty, and i have been told it could be the inverter causing the light to pulse.

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My opinion is that that it is simply the sensor not being able to decide on the brightness of the screen due to the lighting conditions being right on the threshold. Either turn it up or down a bit.

Here's the unanswered Apple forum on this problem, you might want to subscribe to it: http://discussions.info.apple.com/thread...

Heres another and it looks like one fix was to update the system: http://discussions.info.apple.com/thread...

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Research +


Hi Mayer,

Thanks for your quick answers. Unfortunately, i red all the forums on the internet and people seems to mistake 2 things :

1- screen blinking (Some parts of the screen start to flash very quickly, this is a software issue and can be addressed via software update)

2- screen light pulsating (when users reduce the screen backlight to increase battery life, the light start to pulse like we are in a disco party, making our eyes go crazy)

i have problem number 2 : the pulse effect.

Symptoms :

a) On OSX, when using the geforce 9400M GT, i experience the problem very very slightly, but it does happen

b) ^&%% begins when i use the 9600M GT. When the backlight is set to 1, its a disco party on my screen. I have to keep it at minimum 4 to get a good result.

i also noticed that the screen light starts to panic when :

- i am in different room

- Light ambiance is different (day vs night)

- When i use the integrated mouse on my macbook pro (i mean, that if i move the pointer on the screen, its starting to accelerate the problem even more).

i did all the software updates in OSX and in Windows 7 (64Bit) bootcamp (version 3.1)

Nothing i have done or read over the internet has helped me so far.

Personally, i think its the entire screen or the inverter as you said in your early post.

What should i do ? if iFixit can help me, i am willing to do business with you.


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