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Touchpad stops working locks up


I have a MacBook pro late 2013 running OS X El Capitan updates all done.

it had small wate damage , (not bad !) when you boot up the mac 95% of the time the cursor does not move ? some times if you twist the base a little it starts to work again !

if you have a program running like bbc news the cursor is all ok ? stops working if just on the desktop with no programs running! Please help many thanks

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HI, thanks for your help, I will have a look at the battery and trackpad.

the MacBook looks like it works if I run it hdmi on the TV ?! Playing bbc news for 1hr no problems !


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With water damage of any kind there is a possibility of strange and unforeseen damage. I would start by double checking the battery. I have a MB Pro that the battery started going bad on and started swelling and it directly effected my trackpad. If that isn't the issue I would replace the trackpad and the little microswitch that it is connected to. If that doesn't work, you probably have some other damage from the water to the motherboard.

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