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How should I store my lcds/ inventory to avoid damaging them?

I've ran into, what i believe is, a static issue with some of the lcd's i've purchased. I am new to the iphone repair industry and don't have a lot of money, I started with an initial $400 investment into this buying 8 screens/lcds and all the proper tools.

*THE PROBLEM* much of the screens i've purchased from a manufacturer i know have ended up faulty. I just want to make sure it isn't my fault. Right now i keep my lcds in individually wrapped shipping plastic in a drawer at my desk. is this safe? also, is it ok to leave a phone without an lcd on it out, or will this damage the phone?

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You should put it in a plastic container with multiple sections. You use the plastic bubble wrap bags that fit the iPhone screens well right?

Leaving a phone with the LCD out will not damage the board. In fact I always have the battery unplugged unless I need it plugged in. I always keep phones in the bubble wrap screen bags when taking them down and finishing them.


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It should be fine, we keep put ours in plastic ziplock bags and hang them on the wall and we've never had any issues with that. Yes it is ok to leave a phone out without the screen on, you %&^* have to be carful not to get any liquid or anything conductive (i.e. metal filings, screws etc) in the phone. Good luck

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