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HDMI do not work no signal display

do anyone have a solution of what I can do I contacted a repair person they charge to much the model is the 42LN5300

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@h536522 do the other inputs work? Just your HDMI not working? What have you checked? Different cable?


@ oldturkey03 it is just the HDMI not working. I brought new HDMI cables and still no signal


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@h536522 you will need at least a multimeter for this since you need to check a "few" components on the main board. Follow the flow chart from the manual

Block Image

Block Image

Let us know if you are up to it so we can find the proper values for most of those components. It may also help if you post a few good pictures of the boards with your question. For that use this guide

If not you can alsways consider replacing the main board. Available for around $60USD from places like this and others

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would a component converter adapter work that has a HDMI input I have no idea of how to check components on the main board. I am trying to find something that I can purchase.


you mean something from HDMI to RCA plug or similar? something like this? It should work.....


yes I will try it


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