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This Power Mac G4 has Mirrored Drive Doors.

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freezes when coming out of sleep mode

computer freezes when taken out of sleep mode and at times

when starting, a large box appears in middle of screen, and its in a lot of different languages and in american it says to restart or quit, but you can not cause functions are frozen. Only way to shut down and restart is by holding down start button on front of CPU.

this problem happens often, we installed a new hard drive thinking it was problem ,But was not.

thanks for any insight !

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thank you ! heads me into the right direction.


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You seem to be experiencing kernel panic. I would first remove and reinstall the video card and if that did not cure the problem I would remove and swap the memory around. Good luck.

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+ good start


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I have a Powermac MDD Dual 1.42 that's been suffering from sleep issues and random kernel panics, under Tiger and Leopard. After several troubleshooting sessions with both hardware and software, I decided to go back and reinstall Panther. My sleep issues and kernel panics have apparently gone away...go figure. Panther is a tad slower than Tiger and Leopard, but I'll take stability over speed any day. Hope this can help someone :)


Renick Marsh


My computer:

Powermac MDD Dual G4 1.42 GHZ


Radeon 9800 Pro

Acard 320 GB RAID

Belkin USB 2 Card

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