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Touchscreen not working - known issue?


I have been repairing a couple iphones now and sometimes people come to me and say that their touchscreen does not respond properly?

What I mean:

- Ghoast clicking

- Not acurate clicking

- Freezing up

Is this a known issue with Apple or someting?

Because I also know somebody who never got his screen replaced, and his phone freezes up regulary.

Or is it just bad quality screens?


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It's bad quality screens. Where are you getting your screens? If it's from amazon and ebay, then that's your problem. You need to locate a good quality part from places such as iFixit, Mobile Sentrix, RevampWholesale or Injured Gadgets. Dont skimp on these parts. The dollars saved will all come back on you in the end when you have to repair the phone again.

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Are you sure? Because how is it possible than that somebody who never repaired their phone has the same issues? And if you have a bad spot (you type r but t gets touched for example) it is the screen right? But if that spot dissapears and comes back up in other spots, is it still the screen?


The person who's never had a repair that is having touch issues is an anomaly. The fact that you are getting these issues after the repairs points to the screen. Ghost clicks, random touch issues etc are all signs of poor quality screens. It's normal to get a bad screen from time to time, but if you are a getting a lot of them, then you need to find higher quality screens.


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