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The LG G Vista features a 5.7″ IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen along with an 8 MP camera.

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Why cant I make or recieve phone calls?

After replacing the screen, I cannot make or receive phone calls. My texting and internet work fine. When I try to place a,

call, I get the message, "out of service area" displayed across the top of the screen along with the "call dropped" sound. I have called straight talk only for them to tell me I have coverage and to call verizon, since it is a verizon phone. Verizon told me there is nothing they can do, as I am not a verizon customer.

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Check to see if you have turned on airplane mode accidentally . If so uncheck it .

If it is on the phone will act just like you said.

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My theory is that due to the damage of the screen or the replacement of the screen, the receiver portion, the part that transmits and receives the calls was disrupted somehow.. so either the firmware for the attenna needs to be recovered or the actual antenna unit needs to be replaced.

Now I'm entirely sure so I'm actually going to do a breakdown and test it on my own phone.

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