My touchscreen keeps freezing no matter what I do


I have a problem with my Lenovo tab s8 ,the touchscreen freezes all the time,specially when i leave it for a while without using it, it only responds if i rotated the tablet ,and sometimes it don't.

I tried factory reset several times,hard reset,wipe cashe partition and it works for a day then starts freezing again.

I also tried safe mode ,it works also for hour or two then starts freezing.

I checked for updates ,no update is available,i updated all the apps,i alao tried clear cashe and i still have the problem.

The touchscreen screen first freezes and work after rotation and after 4-5 days it doesn't work at all.

If i leave the tab for a while without using it,connect it to charger or headphone it also most of the time freezes.

Please help ,with this freezing problem my tab is usless,thank u.

P.S. : i noticed that when i make factory reset and when i connect it to the wifi after that an app called "google play tv & movies" disappears and i can't find it in the disabled apps or in google play search.

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