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Device repair and troubleshooting help for the E1-571 model of Acer Aspire laptop computers.

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Acer won't boot up

My acer won't go past acer start up screen tried pressing alt+f10 for safe mode but nothing happens. If I get a new hard drive and buy Windows 8 to reinstall Windows will I need original licence. Looked all over laptop and box it came in and can't find licence key. What can I do.

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Can you go into the BIOS screen (usually you press F2 or Del on boot) and see if the HDD is being detected?


Gone into bios and it as hdd there but when I press f8 there is no factory reset or safe mode. Some told me to take hdd out to see if it goes past acer start up screen and it went past that to a black screen



Can you hear the HDD spin up on boot? If not the HDD connections or the HDD may be the problem

Can you get hold of a Windows CD or can you create a bootable USB stick (e.g. a few anti virus progams have the feature which allows you to create a bootable USB so that you can test the HDD for viruses without having to load the OS first). and see if the laptop boots from it? Be sure to change the boot order in BIOS before you try to boot from either


I can hear it trying to boot up and then the acer sign goes out and it try's again. I have a small pen like Usb that I got with laptop could that be the boot up stick. When I press f8 there is no response to try and get safe mode or reset to factory settings.



Change the boot order priority in BIOS first to make it boot from a USB and not the HDD as first choice, save your change then plug in the USB and see what happens


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I think windows 8 is good for like 30 days before needing a key...

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