Samsung galaxy s3 no screen display

Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 that the screen went black. The phone is still like new but, went black. I want to know what I need to purchase to fix the screen. Screen digitizer, Lcd or etc., thanks.

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Tammy Klimek did this just happen all of a sudden? Did anything happen to the phone? Does your computer still find your phone when you plug it in? Any sign of live on your phone?


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It looks like either 1 of 3 things...

I'll place them in order of good to bad news.

1) The connection from the Digitizer to the Motherboard worked loose somehow. Though, it doesn't happen very often but, one or more bumps or bangs can loosen up one or more connectors.

2) The Digitizer had gone bad and needs to be replaced. It can happen without warning. Sometimes slowly and sometimes... Just like that.

3) The Motherboard went bad and needs to be replaced (or get another Device, whichever you prefer). The Motherboard can go bad as a whole or only in a certain area.

Those are what they call "S**t Happens" that we all go through in one way or another.

Sorry for the bad news but, I'm being honest with you.

Good Luck!

Peace and Love!

Peace and Love!

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