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Repair and disassembly guides for the Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Brewer.

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GFE Trips when I plug it in to outlet

When I plug in my Breville Keurig the GFE trips. I plugged it into a non-GFE and the machine worked just fine. So I thought it was the GFE and replaced with a new GFE. I plugged in the Breville again and the GFE tripped again.

I'm worried about leaving the Breville plugged into a non-GFE, so I've elected to leave it unplugged and try to fix.

Any idea where the problem could be with the Breville? I've looked at the wiring and all the wiring looks intact. Any suggestions where to look would be greatly appreciated!

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I assume a GFE is like an RCD (residual current device a safety device to protect against electrocution by faults in wiring and appliances etc.) which detects an imbalance between the Active and Neutral wires (and to earth) supplied to an appliance. You may need to check, using an ohmmeter (with the appliance disconnected from the power) that there is no circuit between the active line and the body of the appliance (which should be earthed unless it is a double insulated device- 2 wire connection in lieu of 3 wires). Check that there is no circuit with the power switch on the appliance in the on position.

Make sure you do all tests with the device UNPLUGGED from the power.


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Have you tried it in other GFE protected sockets? I have seen faulty sockets causing this in the past.

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