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A 15.5 inch convertible, touch-screen laptop by Sony.

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My flip wont turn ON

How to troubleshoot when my flip laptop wont turn ON. It is fully charge but wont turn On. Pls help!

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My flip died and won’t turn on. The DC unit was thought to be broken but is not. It has been through the shop tested for signs of power but had shown none, and is thought to have a shortage in the motherboard where can I get it repaired?


@winter80 just use a paper clip or something and flip it over right by the fan u will find a pin hole use the paper clip and press down the button in the pin hole for 20 to 30 secs.... same thing happened to me trying to sell me new motherboard lol what a joke they were


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On the bottom of the laptop there is a pin hole on the right side towards the bottom about a inch under the screw. Under that pinhole is a button press that for 20 secs ..

Update (04/09/23)

when u press the button its only a bios reset like on old desktops.... does not affect the os u have installed at all.... bios will be reset but thats it

Update (04/09/23)

took me sending my vaio in 4 times before i figured that button was there... it was just out of warranty and someone at best buy told me about the bios reset button lol

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Jeremy Beard: Will that reset the laptop? like wipe it clean?


no it will not wipe it


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