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Repair guides and support for weed whackers, also known as string trimmers, weed eaters, edge trimmers or line trimmers.

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My bulb does not get gas hence it wont run?

weed wacker wont run - bulb not getting gas

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readerrichard, you're not supplying much info here, but these bulbs (clear bulb that is pushed to pump fuel to the carburetor), are notorious for going bad. They are cheap to buy and on most machines, easy to install. For most machines it is held in with 2 screws and a round bracket that surrounds the rubber bulb. The replacements can be had with the bracket/screws or just the rubber bulb. If just replacing this item doesn't work, you'll have to look between the fuel tank and the bulb to see if the fuel line is blocked. Easy to do, but remember you're working with gasoline, so take all precautions to keep yourself safe! Good luck, Les

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