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Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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iPad 3 cycles apple logo when on charger, shuts off when disconnected.

Hope someone can help, I am working on an iPad 3 Wifi (A1416). When I received it, the battery would never charge no matter how long it was plugged into the ipad charger. When the ipad was disconnected it would immediately shut off. I could not connect it to iTunes since it would not turn on with USB power. I replaced the battery, which was definitely bad upon inspection (one battery section puffy), but the ipad is doing the same thing with the new battery. Would this be a motherboard issue? Since the ipad has the cycling issue, do I need to get it to boot up before it begins to charge the new battery?

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The only sign of life out of the ipad is when I hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button until the "Plug me into itunes" screen comes up. It will stay on for quite some time on the charger, but disappears immediately when disconnected. If I leave it plugged into the charger, the itunes screen will stay on for a while, then go back to cycling apple logo for 11 seconds, then off 3 seconds, then repeat.


Hi Tom,

same on my iPad 4..with good an full charged battery from another iPad 4 boot loop on wall charger..with no external power the apple logo shows about 3 seconds, then shuts off..

Get any new ideas or solutions?

Thanks M


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What happens when you connect it to iTunes?

If it were me, I'd try to restore it in iTunes. Put it into DFU if it fights you. Restore it as a new device and see if that works. It might work...getting the "connect to itunes" screen is actually a good sign. Do you have an inline ampmeter to test the power IC? They are pretty cheap and very handy to have around. If its drawing amps, its probably a blown fuse/filter. Google the schematics and track down the blown one. If its not drawing any amps, then its probably a blown U2 IC.

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Thanks for the info. I'm afraid I can't get it connected to iTunes, since it will only stay powered when plugged into the charger. When I unplug from the charger to plug it into my laptop, the iPad immediately shuts off. My laptop USB power apparently does not have enough current to power the laptop, since it never comes on when connected.

I can see how either U2 not charging the battery or a bad component inline with the battery could cause this issue. I will take your suggestion and check the current flow. Hopefully I can isolate the issue to one or the other.


I checked the current flow going to the ipad. It would come up to 0.22 amps, then fall to 0 every two seconds or so. I tried another ipad and it stayed steady at 0.3 amps. I'll leave it on the charger for a bit to see if it changes.


I'd bet money on the U2 being at fault.


OK, I goofed on my previous attempt to measure the current being drawn by the ipad. I assume my breakout for measuring the current draw was not a low enough impedance and the current flow never reached 1A. I improved my connections to the multimeter and now the current reaches 1A for the 10 seconds I see the apple icon, then drops to zero when it disappears. I next connected a working ipad that was completely powered down for comparison. When I connected the working ipad, the current flow fluctuated roughly between 0.7 - 1 amps, then after 25 seconds the current increased to 1.25A.

I tried connecting the bad ipad to my laptop and there was no current draw. I could never get the apple icon to come up. However, connecting the working ipad powered down to my laptop, the current draw was only 0.1 A with the apple logo present, then went to 0.5 A when booted up. I may try to build a Y cable to connect the ipad to my laptop while still powered by the charger.


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This is a common issue with iPad 2's and iPad 3's. Your battery no longer hold a charge and the iPad will not boot up without a working battery. The constant reboots are what causes the "Connect to iTunes" screen. You will need to replace the battery.

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I replaced the battery already, so either the new battery is also bad or the charging circuit is kaput. I assumed that even a weak battery would hold enough of a charge to at least try to boot up without being on the charger. I also assumed the replacement battery would come with enough of a charge to boot the ipad. Neither was the case, so I'm suspecting a bad fuse or component in line with the battery. Will check this weekend.


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Before you replace the component loading , I would try another charging jack ( if Restore does not help )

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I've tried the ipad on at least two chargers, one being the charger for my wife's ipad that she uses frequently. I can also get it to come alive with a 2A USB port. No signs of life with anything else I've tried.


I guess the problem is really a component U2-IC as the previous guy said


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