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Which Linux distribution would run on an older thinkpad r325?


I got a older thinkpad r325(i think) and i wanna take windows off of it but i have no cliue what it is yet cause who gave it to me wants his data off of it and some of his apps and i wanna replace it with linux when i get it and show off what it is to people who never discovered it just yet

What would run good on a pentium 2 MMX thinkpad?

final specs i know

1.44MB FDD


Pentium 2 MMX


I got the laptop today

I found out the specs and theyre low


333MHZ p2 MMX

64.50mb RAM

windows 98

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I clean them up--add memory if necessary and load an operating system and word processor. When completed I test the machine completely and give it to a child who can't afford one. I average 3 to 4 per year.


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link mint is good, so I have heard.

I use Ubuntu.

The system RAM you have is going to be a problem for most distros. The processor too.

Xbuntu (XFCE desktop) is a lighter weight version of ubuntu (gnome)

and even Xbuntu requires 256MB of RAM, (even a 500Mhz CPU is really pushing it for speed, it would be slow) you could use a command line version without a graphical environment but that would defeat the purpose and still might not work well.

even the older versions referenced below, either you don't have enough hard drive or your don't have enough RAM. I am fairly sure v6.06 LTS is no longer supported.


What you can install is something like DSL http://damnsmalllinux.org/

you can run that off a USB drive too, however this laptop doesn't have one.

they are a couple of others, they don't have the large range of hardware support like popular distros like Ubuntu has. So you might have some hard ware problems, sound or something.

Most people with a laptop of this age and specs run some kind of server distro, since thats about what it will do. (simple FTP/HTTP server, maybe even a SIP server with some kind of VOIP gateway device).

My computer is using about 800MB of RAM with the different apps I have running right now.

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Hi, I have found Mint Linux to be an excellent OS for the first time user. Its a version of Ubuntu with a lot of the small settings done automatically making it easier for first time users. I use it now for the non Mac computers I give to kids. Link provided to their homepage. The CPU should be good but you would need to check on memory. Good luck. Ralph



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On that matter, a Chinese-made version of Ubuntu designed to look like WinXP is Ylmf, great option.


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Ubuntu, not because it's necessarily the most optimized, but it has the most support/forums/documentation, it's easier to get ancient hardware up and running. The latest version might not work if this was originally Win95, but you can get all previous releases too, so it's great.

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Based on your update I'd go with Ubuntu, I advise you do some quick googling though and check which version is probably the best for your comp (RAM, HDD etc.) You'll obviously need a very ancient one, seeing as the minimum ram and hd space requirements...


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Puppy Linux, Bruno 2

The operating system AND apps all fit in under 512Mb.

Obviously that means they run fast (lean coding)

It can be run from CDROM(can load entirely into RAM for super speed), HD, or USB drive.

This Bruno version seems to find everything i've thrown at it. I use the USB Puppy Linux Bruno 2 stick as a Rescue tool to retrieve data from botched Winblows systems for friends. Awesome.

For FireFox and most office functions with full codecs for music, cameras, phones, video etc, ready to run in such a small download, Ya gotta try it. ;-)

The newer Puppy Lucid is Ubuntu based for compatibility.

Ubuntu has done WONDERS for making Linux GUI accessible.

And the Mint project has made Ubuntu EASY!!- Great Job Folks!


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Use Slackware, on minimal instalation you can get good results. Do not use KDE for desktop, i recomend xfce or even faster blackbox.

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I know the post is old but ill write anyways for anyone else. Mint and Ubuntu are the most new user friendly. The biggest thing when using linux the the graphics card. Linux can be very frustrating if it doesnt like your graphics card.

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