Why can I hear only loudspeaker?

Why can I hear loudspeaker only ?

I am able to hear sounds only from my loudspeaker.

Earpiece speaker is silent.

Also headphones are silent when you connect them to the jack connector.

The jack connector seems to be without any response actually.


I tried to this time:

Facory settings.(of course did not help)


Changed: the Front Camera and Sensor Cable

Changed: The Earpiece Speaker

Changed: the Dock Connector and Headphone Jack

Nothing helps .


Seems like on the motherboar is something wrong.

Maybe any chip.

Any ideas ?

Can you tell me which chip is responsible for sounds and how them check or change ?

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Do you know any specialist who can answer this ?

Or another forum ?


Any new incomers who can answer ?


There might be possible water damage or other damage to the device that isn't easily visible.... Just a thought.


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