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The Verizon Ellipsis 8 is a tablet that features an HD display, 5000 mAh battery, and 4G LTE capabilities.

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My ellipsis 8 went dead and non responsive.

I was playing Punch Boxing on my tablet and the screen all of the sudden started to fade out with colorful lines going horizontal till it completely faded out and went dead. I plug in the charger it does nothing. What could the problem be could it be hardware or software problems? I tried to reset it and factory reset but nothing happens.

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I can't guarantee anything. What I would do is plug the device in for a while to make sure it's charged, press the power button to turn it on like you normally would, and then connect it to a computer and see if the computer lists it as a recognized device. If the computer detects it and everything else seems okay, it may be worth replacing the screen.

Otherwise, these are relatively cheap tablets. Ours was given to us for "free" when signing up for a new contract.

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