Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Rubber Microphone Cover Availibility

Someone brought in an iPhone 6 and they complained of the microphone not working. Upon inspection I noticed that the charger flex assembly was new. There was no rubber cover for the microphone. I have always removed the cover from the old part. I have looked unsuccessfully to find a replacement. Any ideas to where I may find one?

Thank you

Update (09/08/2016)

Hey Chris, thank you for your response. The part I am looking for is the plastic that is on the frame side of the Microphone. It just sticks to the frame and does not have a place for a screw. All that showed up on ebay when looking for the boot was the back part.

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Are you sure it comes with a rubber enclosure that goes over the bottom microphone on the charging port flex? Last time I replaced the charger port I'm pretty much sure it justs sits aligned to the microphone hole with a plastic thing that is screwed to the housing and makes sure the microphone is in contact with no gap to the microphone hole.

Check the bottom microphone filter to see if it's transparent or not. If it isn't then it's most likely blocked and needs to be cleaned.

If microphone does not work with speaker phone mode activated during calls then that is the top microphone which is part of the front camera flex ribbon cable assembly that is having issues. Same deal there, might need cleaning.

To test microphones, tap near the microphone area and see if the microphone registers it or you can hear the tapping noise during call / voice memo. If you can hear the tap but they can't hear you then the microphone filters / meshes most likely need to be cleaned.

Usually they don't go bad out of nowhere they most of the time have their vents clogged / blocked by dust / dirt etc.

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I got another iPhone 6. There is a plastic piece that fits into the frame that the microphone sticks onto.

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Ebay has them for cheap- search iphone 6 microphone boot. You will find both the cover as well as the attachment piece for the bottom of the frame.

Update (09/13/2016)

I just looked and it looks like they all sold. It is hit or miss. Honestly if its just the attachment to the case, it is probably not a big deal to leave it out. It is tight enough in the phone that it wont really move if you seat it right. I will keep my eyes out if I see any listed.

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