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Repair guides for German-made Leica cameras.

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Error code 2 on a Leica DMR monitor - source and solutions?

Good morning. Has anyone ever run into the Error 2 code on the monitor of a Leica DMR unit? The unit will power-up and display the Leica splash screen and then the Error 2 message covers the screen, and the shutter will not activate - though all other functions of the unit are available ( menu access and settings are available as are the setting for ISO, USER, Moire, etc.) Before I start disassembling I was hoping to find someone "who has been down this road before". No schematics are available online and no-one seems to want to talk about prior repairs or disassembly on any of the pertinent user group threads.

Best regards,

Peter Stevens

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Yes i have 2 Leica DMR digital back - the error code 2 has something to do with internal re-charge battery that has reach "end of life time". You probably have to reset the date + time when the battery is removed and so on. Need to send it to Leica to have them change the battery if possible. (internal solder on battery)

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