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Repair guides and disassembly information for laptops manufactured by Asus.

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asus laptop num lock probs

num lock doesnt work on win10 calc or in open office or anything else I can try - i found turn sound on for numlock key and the soundt ells me the key changes something just not numeric entry. the pgup and pgdn keys do not work ever

i found cut and pasted did not work in MSedge either but it did in chrome but the numbers dont work anywhere. I turned off the touch screen and touchpad already they were messing up everything.

yeah well asus said it could be a hardware problem so I have to send it in - maybe someone has a clue despite this since I dont like to send it in - I have no other puter and I just bought this one....my last ASUS was hardware damaged too - this may be the last attempt!

thanks Jayeff - the model # seems to be Q503 - and I will try to find an external keyboard -

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Try plugging in a USB keyboard to prove whether the problem is with the keyboard or the OS?

What is the model number of your laptop?


Hi @karah

You said that you have just bought it.

If the problem turns out to be a faulty keyboard, I suggest that you first verify that the warranty period is still valid then contact Asus Customer Service as per the warranty document that came with the laptop, regarding a warranty repair. It may be prudent to do this rather than trying to fix it yourself whilst the product is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. You never know the laptop might develop a more serious problem (I sincerely hope not) while it is still in the warranty period and because you have repaired it yourself previously, you will not be covered by the warranty and you may well be worse off.

It is something to consider.


Thanks again jayeff!

i actaully got pointed here (this board) by asus service - it is in warranty and i just hate to be without a computer since I bought it to replace the one that died! i would not attempt any complex repairs on it myself, certainly not when I have a service plan/warranty.



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Go to asus's website and find the divers for the keyboard, this is a Common problem with asus laptops and upgrading to Windows 10


And if it's still not working that I would see if you can exchange it with that warranty

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