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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active SM- G870A released June 2014. Repair for this device is extensive and requires the phone tool kit and heat gun.

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Home, Back, and Recent App buttons not working

My back button stopped working first and now neither of the three work at all. No matter how many times you press them or how hard they will not register. Can these be replaced, and if so, how?

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Do the buttons click normally or do they feel mushy. If pressing harder does not help at all, it may be a motherboard problem


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i think tha you might want to check out the guide, and if you see your fix there,send it over and i will fix it!

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@trustybacon I didn't see anything in the guide talking about the bottom row of buttons


is it touch buttons or click buttons?


the buttons are actual dome switches not capacitive or onscreen buttons.


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