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Repair guides and support for the out-of-production SUVs and trucks designed by GM-owned Hummer.

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How much is a major the up cost

How much is a major tune-up on a Hummer cost

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, when I know you are serious, I will give you my credentials. And then I will give you a price.

Thank you T.J.Morris

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@trnsmisonfixer the purpose of this website is to empower people to fix their own devices and not increasing ones own business. I know you've said you are not going to charge which is great and that is the only thing that saved your answers from being marked as spam. May be you can try and give some theoretical advise, as in what it could be. Nobody on here expects you to repair a vehicle through this forum, but it may enable people to start looking for causes. It is also okay to put your credentials and contact on the about page of your profile. Put your email, location and phone number on there if you want. If people really want to take their vehicle to you or need more info, they can contact you directly. Do not put it in your answers since that again can be construed as spam.


Oh OK, I really didn't know how this works. Thanks now I get the picture. I was trying to help him because being in this field for so long, I have seen some people get ripped off badly. That was my only point. Iam not here too make money i was really just trying to help. But I do appreciate you letting me know before I kept going, thanks again for helping, TJ


P.S. I do not have a business.


@trnsmisonfixer no big deal since you did not know how it works. Always good to help others out and to make sure that nobody gets ripped off.


I did not know, my only reason for giving him my information was # I mite not be on I Fixet for two months then every day for a week so I have no pattern to when I will e on. Another things is his I idea of a major tune mite not be my idea of a major tune up. and like I said before I was a transmission builder and master tech for over 25 years and I have seen a 10 dollar part cost a customer 2800 dollars. So now I know how it works so thanks again and i meant no harm and I love seeing people fix there own cars


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