PSVita don't turn on

Hi everyone, first time there.

So, my PSVita doesn't want to turn on and I don't know why. (Out of warranty tho)

So I searched for hours on internet but seems like nobody got my problem.

I firstly tried to fulfill the battery then turn it on by pressing a tons of button with the power button pressed.

While I charged my battery : The orange led appears, STATIC.

While I tried to turn on the device : NO BLINK orange light, the orange light is still STATIC.

I so Checked the battery : 4.013 volts in (enough I think to power it on)

So I saw on a forum a guy that removed the 3G card (I think he means the electronic card inside). I tried so and still doesn't wants to turn on.

I'm ready to buy the main logic board because I think that comes from it. Can you confirm and if not, what I forgot to check it up ?

Thanks for your future answer and sorry for the bad english.

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