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Broken Macbook 2 parts

I just broken my macbook. I went to Apple store and ask repaire cost. It is about $800. They recommend me to go to 3rd party because repair cost is cheaper than Apple store.

I would like to know how to fix it if it is possible. I still see display. Bluetooth and camera are dead.. I want to back hing in the macbook.

Please see pics and give me advise...

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Thanks for valuable information.

I tried and fixed macbook, but I could not.

Those hinges are broken and the inverter cable connector is broken.

The inverter cable connector is stick on the logic board..

Anyway, I will list my macbook on eBay..

Thank you!!


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This repair can definitely be done yourself with the guides that QE provided you. I have the same machine and I had a terrible accident, it looked worse than yours and with minimal experience I was able to have the machine up and running in no time. My most difficult repair was the display and luckily you dont need that repair. if u search for the parts on here or ebay you'll save plenty of money. YouTube also has some great videos on the repair of these machines.

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It looks bad, I would say you might need these parts:

The cost of these together is $299.95, plus repairing it yourself of course.

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U say that the inverter cable is stuck to the logic board? If i recall correctly that connector is removed by pulling in an upward motion, if u try to take it off by sliding it horizontally it wont budge. If your inverter cable was broken how did u get picture from your display? Seriously don't give up. My machine looked ten times worse and apple wanted the same price to fix mine and i fixed with under $300, and thats including an upgrade to my superdrive. My machine was in two pieces, display was shattered, the keyboard was bent into the machine, my fan housing was bent, my superdrive was bent, and i managed to completely fix my machine with little experience. I did it with little money as well. Just take your time and get all the parts you need and with the help from experts here u can have your machine up and running. If i did it, anyone can. Also remember that youtube has videos that help us rookies a little better.

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Thanks for encouraging me.

I want to fix it.

The problem is inverter cable connector.

Please take a look my sad macbook.

It should be 4 lines together, but all of them are tear apart.

bottom of connector is still connected to the mother board.

But, I do not know how to take it off.

It should be looked like following pic.

Please give me some advise.

Thank you.

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