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What is wrong with my screen?

I've had my 5s for almost three years as of now, as so far I had had no issues. But, after no noticeable event I've started having issues with my screen: I'd take the phone out of the pocket, unlock it with my fingerprint, and then, when I went to use it, the screen did't respond at all! I could not swipe or open anything, even though the LCD was fine and I could still see the phone was working. In the beggining I had two ways out of it: Force restarting the phone or, weirdly, pressing really hard on the screen-to the point where the point I was touching got blurry- which make, suddenly, the screen to be responsive again.

As of yesterday, the problem got worse, as it is more frequent and the only way to fix it is to restart the phone several times.

For the experts out there, what could my problem be? I've had dropped my phone sometimes, but always with a case. Should I be replacing some internals? And what exactly?

Thank you for the colaboration with a non-native english speaker :)

Edit: I already restored my phone on iTunes and it did not fix it :(

Update (09-09-2016)

More feedback on what is going on!

I have restored my phone and set it up as new but the issue wasn't fixed.

I installed the iOS 10 GM as I was afraid it could be something on 9.3.5 but, for my despise, it wasn't.

Therefore, I assume it must be something hardware related. I noticed that it happens more often while I'm moving and the phone had been on my pocket or on my bag. After several force restarts on the phone standing still it starts working again. Any tipson what should I look inside the phone or replace?

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This sounds more like a software issue than hardware. The screen sounds like its working fine, and you didn't mention the phone overheating or any other issues than the freezing, which is fixed with a reset. That leads me to believe that you may have an app that's hanging or something may have went wrong in one of the many recent iOS updates.

Put your phone into recovery mode and connect to iTunes. Set it up as a new phone and see if the problem is fixed. If not, please update us.

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Yeah, I was rushing in the end so I forgot to add! When it got worse I put my phone in DFU mode and performed a full restore... It didn't fix it though!

That is why I asked more for hardware stuff, sorry for not explaining everything!


did you restore it or set it up as a new phone?


I downloaded the firmware again, but used my iCloud backup... Could that be it?

Later I'm gonna try setting it up as a new phone then


It still didn't fix it... Leads me to think it is something physical indeed


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Alexandre, After reading through some forums on your issue, if a hard/factory reset and restoration on the iPhone 5S does not help fix the touchscreen issues, then trying realigning or replacing the phone screen display. Faults in the screen display can also cause touchscreen problems. Realignment/replacement of the screen could be a solution, especially if phone was dropped at some point before the problem started. Cables in the 5S may have lost some contact, and you’ll may need to reseat them.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button. Check out

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I'll try it out and report it here


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i wish this video help you

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