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Deleted Mail Icon on my iPhone, how to get it back!

I accidentally deleted mail icon on my iPhone 6!

I tried restoring but no use. Can't find my icon any where don't even see accounts in settings also.

Please help!

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I've done the same thing on IPad Air. Got my sky email back in settings, but no icon on desktop. Tried resetting, no good.


Help me restore my email icon I sccidently deleted my icon


Will you tell me how I can restore my mail icon back on my home page thank s


Please help me get a icon on my

Yahoo acc


I called apple support. So, you do download the original mail icon from App store. Blue background/white envelope. Then, go to settings, go to mail and turn your mail boxes on. Mine were off. Just swipe on. Good to go!


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You can retrieve it either by re-downloading it from the App Store or going to Settings-General-Reset-Reset Home Screen, which will reset app layout to how it was originally. Either way, you will then need to log in again to your email, so I would go with the first option.

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I successfully retrieved it by re-downloading it from the App Store!


I tried to reset my home screen. No luck!


Also tried to find the app but no luck. In fact I can't access the App Store at all right now. I get a message that it's unavailable when I try a search


i tried to re-download it from the app store but it won't let me go past the page whare I have to pay, it should be a free app.


resetting homescreen appeared to work to restore icon, but now application icon is superimposed, so I can't check email anyway. Can't move icon either. Thoughts?


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here’s what I did,

I went into settings

passwords and accounts

(under accounts) and for my email, I have an iCloud account so I pressed, Icloud

I scrolled down to Mail, and I swiped it on (made sure the icon thingy was green) and then it worked!


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It is a frustrating experience having to lose your mail icon. Attempting to restore did not help unfortunately and I had to resort to internet research. I am glad I came across this solution which was helpful in retrieving the mail icon: https://bit.ly/3qdxm0a


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once i had an email on my iphone but later i removed it from my device but later when I signed in all the mails were gone.How do i get those back?

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You have to download the app then go to


go to

-accounts and passwords then push the buttons on for all of your email accounts


Thank you! This should be displayed in the app. It has been months and I installed Edison mail to get around the non-working Apple Mail.


I accidentally deleted my phone icon from my Apple iPad how do I get it back help


I can’t get my Email Icon back gone to settings no luck what can I do now?


I have reloaded the app but my emails are not there, none of them


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