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Guides for the LTE version of the iPad Mini 2. Announced October 22nd and released November 12th, 2013. The iPad mini 2, originally known as the iPad mini with Retina Display, has all the pixels of the iPad Air in a smaller 7.9" form factor.

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Sporadic reboting with a blue screen


I have a problematic Mini 2 - it reboots sporadically, flashing blue for a split second.

The problem is the device is actually assembled from a lot of parts of different devices, so I need to know potetial roots of the problem at least.

Say, could it be wrong battery or software problem or what else?

The only thing I found the issue occurs if to use wrong screw to attach the plate covering LCD etc connectors, but its unlikely... (Im pretty sure I didnt)

Please help how to diagnose.

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Have to add - the device successfully "survived" several OS reinstalls without a problem.


Found that its stable if Wi-Fi is switched off. Just curious if its IC or could be a capacitor etc?


So no bluescreens at all with Wi-Fi off?


Exactly! At least for 1h30m - I ran a movie on the device successfully! It crashed every 1 - 3 min with Wi-Fi.


That really sounds like a software issue. Is it jailbroken? Its not a big deal if it is, just trying to picture the whole situation.

One thing it for sure could be is the wifi antenna is shorted to ground. Its easy to cut that antenna when you are cutting off the tape that holds the LCD in place. Try pulling the wifi antenna and make sure there are not cuts or frays. Hold it up in the air so that none of it touches metal and see if you have the same issue.

My bet is on software but it could be just a bad antenna, which is dirt cheap and easy to fix.


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It was cheap battery.

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