My screen turns off but phone still works?

I dropped my phone recently and while the screen was not cracked, when I turn on my phone, I usually get a couple seconds before the screen either turns of or the image breaks down. When I am able to get my phone past the log in screen it seems to work fine but usually same problem occurs shortly afterwards, rendering it nearly unusable.

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When you say turns off, do you mean it "sleeps" randomly while using it or does it completely shut off?


I think sleeps would be a good way to describe it. It goes black to dark blue while in use, or freezes in place with some stutter and discoloration and then fades. Either way, the screen becomes unresponsive even though the touchscreen works. For example, I can work the music playlist while the screen is dark. I can try turning it on and off but generally it is a very temporary fix. Sometimes I get more time than others. Also, if it helps, I think I hear I small rattling inside the phone, even when I remove the case.


Something sounds damaged, I would take it apart and inspect it.


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