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Repair guides for the Saitek X52 Pro HOTAS (hands-on throttle and stick) game controller. The controller was released by Saitek.

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Cable connector is not snug. Joystick does not fully connect to thrott

I have had two X52 Pro Throttle/Joystick combos. Both failed the same way...the cable connector on the joystick becomes a slack fit, which apparently prevents proper connection and communication to the throttle unit. I took a look inside and it appears that female connector would have to be replaced, and by soldering above my skill level. Any alternatives?

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The good news is that the connector is a standard Mini-DIN 6-Pin connector, so it's a widely available spare part.

The bad news is that there are no replacement parts available either officially or unofficially. Ever since Saitek was bought by Madcatz which was partially bought by Logitech, official support is essentially non-existent. You'll need to do the soldering yourself or get somebody to help you.

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it is unfortunate design really.

It wiggles alot.

I recommend to open both and re-solder the wires they don’t hold too well in pcb. Mine were not properly soldered.

Don’t worry it is not hard soldering.

Just make a note of wire colors.

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