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Vibrate motor not working except for alarm

I recently replaced the aluminum housing on my iPhone 5s, following two videos and the iFixit guide, and made sure to bring back most of the insulation, all of the metal parts from the original/dented up housing. When I turned it on, I noticed my vibrate motor stopped working. I thought it stopped altogether, but today I learned that it still works because my alarm rung and vibrated.

EDIT: I have done a DFU restore, and now my phone vibrates /sometimes/ as I'm tinkering with various sound > vibrate settings for text messages, ringtones, mail, etc. I can't seem to get the vibrate to work when I turn my phone off silent, but when it is on silent and the vibrate feature is on, it vibrates.

EDIT 2: I now notice that the vibrate gets progressively weaker the more I turn on and off vibrate functions in settings. Perhaps the motor is simply getting old/needs to be replaced? Do vibrate motors hold a charge or something from the battery?

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Try to go into your settings under sound and make sure the vibrate is on. If that doesn't work, try a DFU restore since this seems very software based since it isn't broken completely.

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So it appears that after I did the DFU restore and restored my phone, each setting will vibrate once when I turn it on, but not if I am going through multiple vibrate options? For example, my "Vibrate on Ring" option was already on, so I switched it off and then turned it on again but the second time I turned it back on it stopped vibrating. Then I went through all the other options that I had not gone through and turned each one on. Is it possible the new iOS does not allow the vibrate motor to vibrate too many times in rapid succession? It does seem weird that I have to wait an absurdly long time before the vibrate comes back.


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