no backlight, sluggish boot: after liquid spill. damaged MLB component

i just received this a1466 emc2559.

the previous owner reported that after a liquid spill, the LCD stopped working. he used it with an external monitor for some time, but now it seems to struggle with booting and pinwheels when booted.

the LCD display works, there's just no backlight.

the system will boot the current install of mavericks, but it hangs at 66% when loading usb install media. can boot mavericks in safe mode, but immediate kernel panic when loading USB install media in safe mode.

some component on the logic board near the LVDS connector is/was destroyed and unidentifiable. this logic board appears different than pictures i've seen online.

i scrubbed the board down really well, noticing some corrosion on the side of the EFI chip and around the wifi card.

the water seems to have entered near the hinge, as the SSD moisture indicator has turned red, but none else.

Block Image

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Ok so in the last few minutes I've determined that the fuse was there. For troubleshooting purpose, I attached a fuse pulled from another spare board, and it popped immediately


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