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A tablet released in September of 2015 by Amazon featuring a 7 inch multi-touch screen display. Model Number: SV98LN

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Why my Kindle shuts off when power plugged in?

My kindle 5th generation 7", out of the blue started shutting off when the stock or any other micro usb cord was plugged in it.

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Here's what to do. It's won't fix your problem if you have a faulty battery or charge cable but otherwise it should straighten out your problem.

() If your KF is operating, do a hard reset. (30 second press of the power button.) If not don't worry about it. Just proceed.

() Turn off the KF. All the way OFF.

() Plug in the cable that came with the KF. Don't use another cable.

() Leave it plugged in and don't mess with it for several hours. Overnight is ideal.

() Remove the cable from the KF and push the power button for a few seconds. The KF should boot.

() Assuming it boots, use it normally without recharging until the warning appears that you have 15% battery remaining.

() At that point, turn it off again and repeat the procedure above.

Once it is operating normally, follow this practice of fully charging and then draining the battery down to 15% every month, or so. This will re-establish the "calibration" that you just went through above. Avoid using other chargers with the KF. They will probably work, but there may be a problem with correct "calibration" between the battery monitor and the battery if you do so. Avoid completely draining the KF by leaving it on until it shuts down by itself. The KF should "protect itself" by shutting down with 5% or so battery charge remaining, but if the calibration is out of sync, it may not do that correctly and lithium ion batteries don't like to be completely drained; it shortens their life. Furthermore, once the KF is COMPLETELY out of juice it may have problems even taking a charge.

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