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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, better pixel density, and a better design.

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How to fix retaining flap in 3ds

I opened my 3ds just to swap the housing. After i done everything i pressed the power button and the blue led pops up for a few seconds and turns off with a popping sound. I reconnected the top screen and speakers properly. I kept investigating what the problem was but i found the culprit. I broke the retaining flap on the bottom screen. (The small thin one beside the long one at the bottom) i had to press the ribbon cable onto the retaining flap slot to actually turn on the whole 3ds. Theres picture but touchscreen dosent work and the homescreen is just going everywhere (probably because i disconnected the annalog) Is there a way to fix those broken retaining flaps (those grey things) i lost like 3 of them. The only tools i can try fix thm is hot glue and black and red electrical tape. I'll probably just buy a new NTSC version of the board if i domt fix this.

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I assume you are making reference to the P6 connectors used to link/bridge the touch screen with the motherboard and keep it in place.

They are not expensive at all (price ~ 0.79$ each), however installation is quite difficult if not having a good soldering station, magnifier and good flux to remove the broken one.

My advice if doing it by yourself if to order a package of 10 units (https://www.amazon.com/Touchscreen-Conne...) .

And then be careful to apply not too much heat to avoid damaging the tracks in the motherboard.

I do that job for $25 but I am located in Montreal, Canada.

My brother does it as well in Florida (Miami and surrondings).

In any case, good luck and good repair.


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Sorry for the late reply

I was actually gonna do this but i didnt have any doldering kit, i also asked my friends they said they didnt have any. Is it possible to just put the ribbon cable in and put alot of mylar strips to hold it in and seal it with black tape?


You can tape it. but it sure has to make good contact.. you can try to push the 4 connector pins at top a bit down, not too much so you cant put the cable between it.

When you have a spare connector flap, pull the pins up with a stanley or so.. not too much.. be carefull they dont break... put your spare flap over the pins.. now make sure the two side sticks are placed in their cases below now bend the flap down and locked in place, extra push the pins a little bit downstairs.. Your P6 should be fixed.


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